A few frequently asked questions are documented below to assist you further in knowing more about my work.

Question: I cannot afford your rates, can something be done?

I completely understand your position. We have divided our packages into Budgeted, Standard, and Premium categories so that you can choose the service based on your budget. Not only do we provide the highest quality of service in Premium, but we also make sure that our standard and budgeted packages are of high quality as well.

Question: Is the coverage done for one family or both sides of the family?

The packages are made based on one family coverage, i.e. the booking client. If you need both sides to be covered, we will customize a package for you where a dedicated photographer and videographer will be assigned to the other side of the family. A combined package will also save you some costs as the price will be divided.

Question: Is the bridal getting ready session included?

Getting Ready Shoot is included in Signature Premium Package whereas, in Standard Package, it will be charged as an add-on at Rs. 10,000 each.

Question: How many photos do you take? Is there a limit to the number I can pick at the end?

The average number of photographs at an event with 300 guests can go up to 300 ~ 1000 shots. All of these photographs are provided to you at delivery time. We provide the complete data to all our clients on assignment completion.

Question: Can I order an extra set of albums?

Yes, you can order an extra set of albums. Only printing charges will be taken for the extra albums made.

Question: How long after the wedding usually do you provide the proofs, prints and albums be available?

After the wedding, we send you the RAW Data ( compressed ) for the selection of photographs. We highly recommend you to do the selection as soon as possible and provide us the list of photographs you need in the book. The processing, designing, and printing of the books can take 4 ~ 5 weeks, depending on the size of the job.

Question: Do you touch up photos? If so, to what extent?

You can visit and browse through my portfolio in detail and check out our editing. The wedding photographs are touched through various software that keeps the originality of the image intact. You will not find photographs in our portfolio that are immensely touched or edited. We don’t want our photographs to lose their natural feel.

Question: Where would we do the bridal/couple shoot?

With the current market trend, studio shoots have gone obsolete. Photoshoots are usually done at various indoor/outdoor locations. We have various locations in our portfolio where we have done our shoots. We can always suggest places. However, in case you want to have the shoot at any hotel, etc, the arrangement, permission, and other formalities would be your responsibility. (Permissions from Hotels, Outdoor Cafes, and other private properties have to be taken by the client).

Question: Can I have family photographs at the Bridal Session, such as with my parents, siblings and cousins, etc?

Yes, you can. If they are at the same place.

Question: I cannot see group family photographs in your portfolio, do you take those photos?

Yes, We divide our shoot into segments. The segments are decor, the arrival of guests, arrival of bride and groom, rasams, dances and celebrations, candid shots of guests, bridal/couple shoot, and family photographs were taken at the stage.

6.1. Take Appointments for Meetings

If you are interested in getting your wedding photographed by Z-A-Q Films, you can surely request a meeting. A meeting before the deal always helps in knowing more about our work, and give you a chance to see our printed work in detail. Our album samples are never shared on Facebook or any other website because the designing ideas are all intellectual property of Z-A-Q Films Photography. The printed albums are of very high quality and are our premium product. The conceptualization, designing, and printing of the wedding books will reflect our standard of work. *A meeting time/venue is only disclosed to the prospective client. The appointments are provided based on availability. A meeting will not take place if Nasir Naeem is not available on your wedding dates.

6.2. Data Storage Policy

Working in the age of technology has a lot of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. With tons of data coming in every week, we have to make sure that we get to import every photograph we take on our shoots and keep them safe in our systems. Our Data Storage Policy states that we will only keep your wedding data saved with us for a maximum of 2 months. You need to provide us with the selection of photos within those 2 months. Failure to do so will result in the complete cancellation of your wedding assignment.

6.3. Album Delivery through TCS

In case you’re living far away from Islamabad, all your special moments are delivered to you via TCS. Z-A-Q Films Photography and TCS have always had a great business relationship, with special memories being delivered at your doorstep without any delay.

Package Customization

Based on our packages, we also offer customization options for clients that have different requirements. Let’s say, if you are planning to have a 5-day wedding event that includes a separate Nikah Ceremony, a Bridal Shower, Concert, or any other family gathering, you may send us your complete requirements and we will give you a customized package that includes coverage & videography for all days. E.g. Someone who is having a small Nikah Ceremony followed by wedding events, he/she can opt for Budgeted or Standard Services for Nikah and Premium Services for the main wedding events.

Discount Eligibility

For Standard Packages

10% discount is applicable on bookings made through our website.

For Premium Packages

20% discount is applicable on bookings made through our website. 50% non-refundable deposit is mandatory for booking confirmation.

Booking Procedure

A non-refundable advance deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking. The funds can be deposited in Cash, Cheque, or through an Online Transfer. In case the wedding is postponed due to any unforeseen event, it is recommended that you contact us before deciding on the new wedding date(s) so that our contract remains valid.